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What is the best type of car battery to buy?

The best car battery to buy as a replacement will be determined by the type of driving you do. Another major consideration will be the the weather conditions and climate of where you live and work. By and large the biggest selling batteries are still the ‘wet’ style of batteries that have lead plates and demineralised water. These are available pretty much everywhere and are easy to buy. Our advice would be to spend a few dollars extra and get a battery with at least two years warranty. Another growing category of car batteries that is increasingly popular are Calcium batteries. But in older cars you need to be a little careful as Calcium batteries can be damaged if they get a spike in charge from the alternator, or they get over charged. A newer segment of car batteries are the valve regulated or gel batteries. These type are very good. Very powerful and are a good choice for newer more expensive cars. If you do a lot of stop starting then you should consider a deep cycle battery. Deep cycle batteries can last a lot longer than the every day lead acid batteries. Of course if you drive an expensive luxury car you will want to be matching the quality of your car with the very new, and very good Lithium Ion range of batteries.

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