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My car won’t start! How can I tell if my battery is flat/dead?

When your car will not start, the first place to look is at the car battery. A dead battery is probably the problem and getting it jumped by another motorist or placed on a charger may do the trick. Being able to tell whether or not your battery is dead will require you to do a little detective work. Place the key into the ignition tumbler (where the key is inserted) and turn to the starting position to crank the engine. If the ignition tumbler gives a tick-tick-ticking sound or the engine makes a series of inaudible roars, as if it were trying to start, the battery is probably dead or near death. As a secondary check, turn on your headlights and see if they are illuminating; if the lights are dim or do not come on when you engage the light switch, the battery is the problem.

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