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Marine Batteries

Few things are as frustrating…and frightening…as being stuck out on the water with a dead battery! Save yourself the paddle (or swim!) back to shore and get yourself the right marine battery to suit your exciting aquatic adventuring needs. With our quality marine batteries, you will get a strong, dependable product at an affordable price. We have something for big boats, little boats, and everything else in-between! We have a highly trained and courteous staff here that looks forward to serving you!


It doesn’t matter if you are the casual weekend captain or consummate admiral you are going to need a good marine battery to keep yourself on course! And naturally, if you need help with installation or recharging your marine battery, we know how to help you with that too! Do yourself a favor and make sure you make the right purchase, which is most definitely here at our store! You would be hard-pressed to find better quality, pricing, and service anywhere else. That is our guarantee! So save yourself the time and money and allow us to take care of you!


So when it is time to select a dealer who really knows their marine batteries, you know who to go to! We are here to serve you. If you are new to boating, we will gladly show you what marine batteries best suit your vessel as well as cover the basics of care and instillation. Oh, and don’t forget to pick yourself up a spare marine battery, as any expert will tell you, you can never be too prepared when out on the water! Don’t get stranded out on the water, or be left high and dry by going to the wrong store. We know what you need, and what you need is good marine batteries at reasonable prices.

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