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Can I fit it myself?

Most ‘handy’ adults will be able to fit a car battery themselves. It is not a physically demanding procedure and as long as you follow the rudiments you will be fine. Good technicians will make sure they wear protective gloves and some form of eye protection. While an unlikely occurrence, acid spills need to be guarded against. Likewise it is prudent to work in a well-ventilated area to ensure no toxic fumes are breathed in. With car in gear and NOT running remove the lead from the black side (negative) first followed by the lead on the red side (positive)... Read More

Marine Batteries

Few things are as frustrating…and frightening…as being stuck out on the water with a dead battery! Save yourself the paddle (or swim!) back to shore and get yourself the right marine battery to suit your exciting aquatic adventuring needs. With our quality marine batteries, you will get a strong, dependable product at an affordable price. We have something for big boats, little boats, and everything else in-between! We have a highly trained and courteous staff here that looks forward to serving you!   It doesn’t matter if you are the casual weekend captain or consummate admiral you are going to... Read More

Jet Ski Batteries

Today we talk about jet-ski batteries. It is no mystery that if you want to ride your high-performance machine, you need one! No matter how sweet, sleek, or powerful your ride is, it’s not going anywhere without a jet-ski battery. But not any old jet-ski battery will do, you see: you’ll need one that will last without breaking the bank. If quality and affordability are what you want, look no further! We got you covered! When you’re out having fun on the water, you want a jet-ski battery that will keep going as long as you can! For that very... Read More