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My car won't start! How can I tell if my battery is flat/dead?

When your car will not start, the first place to look is at the car battery. A dead battery is probably the problem and getting it jumped by another motorist or placed on a charger may do the trick. Being able to tell whether or not your battery is dead will require you to do a little detective work. Place the key into the ignition tumbler (where the key is inserted) and turn to the starting position to crank the engine. If the ignition tumbler gives a tick-tick-ticking sound or the engine makes a series of inaudible roars, as if it were trying to start, the battery is probably dead or near death. As a secondary check, turn on your headlights and see if they are illuminating; if the lights are dim or do not come on when you engage the light switch, the battery is the problem.

How can I tell if my battery is getting charged by the car?

As soon as you start your car your alternator begins charging the battery. As you increase the speed of the engine, (the revs), the charge going to the battery increases. The charge to the battery increases even more when the car is driven over longer distances. In the event that the battery is low on charge and holding less than half of it’s capacity, there will most likely be issues getting the battery to remain charged even after you drive the car for a long time. If you notice that the car becomes harder to start you will need to get a battery load tester. Either a load tester or a multi meter connected to the lead battery posts will tell you the amount of charge going to the battery. Perhaps you may need to contact batterymangoldcoast.com.au to come and test your battery for you.

Can I recharge my flat car battery?

You can recharge a flat car battery in a number of ways. It should be noted however that the best way to charge a flat battery if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself is to have the vehicle towed to a reputable repair shop. If you choose to proceed on your own, make sure that you feel confident and know what you are doing. The most common method is to purchase a car battery charger from an automotive parts store or retailer such as Sears. This will run you between $30 to $200. Follow the instructions on the charger and make sure that the vehicle is in a properly ventilated place, in order to allow the release of any gasses from amassing and causing a fire or explosion.

Can I jump start my car with jumper leads?

It is possible for you to start a car with a dead battery by using jumper cables. Many times this is the only method that may be available to you in order to get the vehicle started and for you to be able to drive it and take it to a repair shop for further inspection or replacement. Jumping a dead car battery by using jumper cables should be done with extreme care and caution in order to prevent an explosion or fire from happening. Because the battery is filled with sulfuric acid and other dangerous chemicals, the risk of burns or even death is present so follow the steps outlined in the owner’s manual of your vehicle to make sure that you take every safety precaution.

What is the best type of car battery to buy?

The best car battery to buy as a replacement will be determined by the type of driving you do. Another major consideration will be the the weather conditions and climate of where you live and work. By and large the biggest selling batteries are still the ‘wet’ style of batteries that have lead plates and demineralised water. These are available pretty much everywhere and are easy to buy. Our advice would be to spend a few dollars extra and get a battery with at least two years warranty. Another growing category of car batteries that is increasingly popular are Calcium batteries. But in older cars you need to be a little careful as Calcium batteries can be damaged if they get a spike in charge from the alternator, or they get over charged. A newer segment of car batteries are the valve regulated or gel batteries. These type are very good. Very powerful and are a good choice for newer more expensive cars. If you do a lot of stop starting then you should consider a deep cycle battery. Deep cycle batteries can last a lot longer than the every day lead acid batteries. Of course if you drive an expensive luxury car you will want to be matching the quality of your car with the very new, and very good Lithium Ion range of batteries.

Can I fit it myself?

Most ‘handy’ adults will be able to fit a car battery themselves. It is not a physically demanding procedure and as long as you follow the rudiments you will be fine. Good technicians will make sure they wear protective gloves and some form of eye protection. While an unlikely occurrence, acid spills need to be guarded against. Likewise it is prudent to work in a well-ventilated area to ensure no toxic fumes are breathed in. With car in gear and NOT running remove the lead from the black side (negative) first followed by the lead on the red side (positive) and then lift the battery out. Even though a car battery looks pretty harmless it is very important to be respectful of the fact that it contains highly corrosive acid. You can then reconnect the leads in the opposite order. Connect the red one first, followed by the black one last. If not done properly, your electronic components may not work. SO BE VERY CAREFUL.

How long are car batteries supposed to last?

With so many cheapo batteries coming from China this is a hard question to answer. Not that long ago you could easily expect a car battery to last at least 3 years. Now with the discounted nasties from Asia some are lucky to last 12 months. It really does come down to the old adage – you get what you pay for! In Australia you can expect to get a 3 year warranty when you spend around $120 to $150. Most of these batteries are made in Australia and are well worth the money if you are keeping the car. Something to be aware of is car batteries last less time in colder climates. As a rule of thumb you can take off about 6 months for every 5 degrees colder your suburb is in Winter.

Do car batteries come with a warranty? If so how long?

Car batteries, like most other parts for your car, can come with a warranty. The types of warranties that are available vary depending on brand and type, whether a wet/flood, gel, calcium or lithium ion battery. A car battery warranty can be as long as 6 months and last as long as the life of the battery, which generally is no more than 6 years. If the length of a warranty is important to you, you should purchase the battery that gives you the longest protection. Understand also that some car battery manufacturers place limitations or restrictions on how the battery is installed and if not installed properly, the battery’s warranty can become invalid.

Should I pay more for a brand name car battery?

Buying a brand name battery for your car, as opposed to an off brand or generic model depends more on preference and brand loyalty. It is not necessary to go with a brand name for your car battery replacement since technology and manufacturing methods make most all car batteries on the market comparable in many respects. A lower cost off brand battery can do as much in terms of performance as a comparable, more expensive brand name model. Your chief consideration when purchasing a car battery should be cost, performance, the presence of any warranties, and how long it is expected to last.

Roadside Battery Replacement

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