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Do you really need a new car battery?


Battery Man Gold Coast.

The best auto battery services in Gold Coast that will get your motor running.

Battery Installation

We carry a wide variety of top brand batteries for all different makes and models for affordable prices that will astound you.

Quick Delivery

With fast service and installation, our team can get your car fixed quickly so that you can get back to the more important things in life.

Emergency Service

We’re committed to providing a quick response service every time to make sure you are back on the road as soon as possible!

My car won’t start! How can I tell if my battery is flat/dead?

When your car will not start, the first place to look is at the car battery. A dead battery is probably the problem and getting it jumped by another motorist or placed on a charger may do the trick. Being able to tell whether or not your battery is dead will require you to do a little detective work. Place the key into the ignition tumbler (where the key is inserted) and turn to the starting position to crank the... Read More

How long are car batteries supposed to last?

With so many cheapo batteries coming from China this is a hard question to answer. Not that long ago you could easily expect a car battery to last at least 3 years. Now with the discounted nasties from Asia some are lucky to last 12 months. It really does come down to the old adage – you get what you pay for! In Australia you can expect to get a 3 year warranty when you spend around $120 to $150.... Read More

How can I tell if my battery is getting charged by the car?

As soon as you start your car your alternator begins charging the battery. As you increase the speed of the engine, (the revs), the charge going to the battery increases. The charge to the battery increases even more when the car is driven over longer distances. In the event that the battery is low on charge and holding less than half of it’s capacity, there will most likely be issues getting the battery to remain charged even after you drive... Read More

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